SENDING WORKBOOKS Sending Workbooks for Review Sending a Worksheet as Attachment Routing a Workbook Routing a Workbook to the Next Recipient

   Sending Workbooks You can use Excel to send your Workbook to other people for review and comment, as an e-mail attachment, or route  Workbook.
  Sending Workbooks for Review
You can use Excel to send your Workbook to other people for review and comment.  

SHARING WORKBOOKS Allowing Workbook Sharing Customizing Workbook Sharing Options Comparing and Merging Shared Workbooks

When you have completed this section  you will be able to:
 Allow workbook sharing
 Customize workbook sharing options
 Compare and merge shared workbooks

IMPORTING DATA IMPORTING DATA TO EXCEL IMPORTING TEXT FILES Importing Text Files into Excel Importing Text using the Text Import Wizard

   Importing Data to Excel/Why import data ?By importing data, you don't have to retype the data you want to analyze in Microsoft Excel. You can also update your Excel reports and summaries automatically from the original source database whenever the database is updated with new information If the information you have is in format other than an Excel workbook format, then it needs to be imported and converted into a recognized format by Excel in order to be manipulated within Excel. 

TEMPLATES AND STYLES WORKING WITH TEMPLATES Creating a Template Applying Templates WORKING WITH STYLES Creating a Style Applying a Style Editing a Style Deleting a Style Copying Styles from another Workbook

Working with Templates/Templates have the .XLT file extension. Templates contain layout and formatting information, including text and graphics, layouts and styles, headers and footers, formulas, and macros.
When working with spreadsheets, you may wish to use the same layout or design.  Instead of re-creating the design, you can create a template.

HIDING WORKBOOKS AND WORKSHEETS Displaying Hidden Workbooks and Displaying Hidden Worksheets FREEZING PANES, Freezing a Horizontal Pane & Freezing a Vertical Pane& Freezing Horizontal and Vertical Panes Unfreezing Panes

Freezing Panes Any number of columns and rows can be freezed (make no scrollable). The frozen columns are always the far left columns. The frozen rows are always the top rows. The following steps describe how to freeze columns or rows from scrolling. 

Adding a Menu to a Toolbar and Deleting a Custom Toolbar and Resetting a Menu and Resetting a Toolbar

♦Adding a Menu to a Toolbar
1- Display the toolbar that you will add a menu to it.
2- From the main menu,choose Tools Customize to display the Customize dialog box.
3- Click on the Commands tab.
4- In the Categories scrolling box, select New Menu.

Choosing and Displaying a Toolbar Customizing Toolbar Options Adding Commands to a Toolbar creating a Custom Toolbar

Choosing and Displaying a Toolbar/Excel has 19Toolbars to choose from.  Each Toolbar contains a group of icons that are relevant to specific functions in Excel.  The following list helps you choosing the toolbar to be displayed.