Using AutoShapes Clip Arts and Pictures Cropping or Trimming Pictures Wrapping Text Around a Picture

AutoShapes are pre-drawn shapes that offer an easy alternative to drawing your own shapes. AutoShapes come in several shape categories including Lines, Connectors, Basic Shapes, Block Arrows, Flowcharts, Stars and Banners, and Callouts.
 AutoShapes can be inserted into your sheet through the AutoShapes menu on the Drawing toolbar, or through the AutoShapes toolbar.


To display the AutoShapes toolbar:
 From the main menu, select    Insert     Picture  AutoShapes

To add an AutoShape:
1- Click on the down arrow next to the AutoShape icon on the Drawing toolbar:

2- Select the shape item from the AutoShape menu, for example, Stars and Banners.
3-  Click on the shape style you want to add.
4- Click on the sheet and drag the mouse pointer until you get the desired shape.
5- To end the drawing, release the mouse button.
6- To add text inside the shape, click it and then begin typing.
OR right-click on the shape and select add text then begin type your text.


Clip Arts and Pictures
You can insert clip arts and pictures in your sheet from the Clip Gallery that comes with Office XP. You can also insert pictures you import from other programs and locations. Clip Art includes drawings, photos, sounds, videos, and other media files that you can use in your sheet.

♣Inserting Clips and Pictures
The Insert Clip Art pane lets you search for Clip Art in your collection, access the Clip Organizer, and insert Clip Art into your sheet.

 To display the insert Clip Art pane:
From the main menu, select Insert     Picture    Clip Art:

To search for Clip Art:
1- Enter descriptive keywords to search for clips in the Search text box. 
2- Click Search.
3- To do another search, click the Modify button at the bottom of the task pane.

To insert Clip Art:
1- From the main menu, select Insert       Picture         Clip Art.
2- Click on the clip you want.
OR click on the down arrow next to the clip you want and click Insert.

To insert a picture from a file:
1- From the main menu, select Insert        Picture       From File. This will open the Insert Picture dialog box.

2- Browse your files and when you locate the picture you want, select it and click Insert.
 Cropping or Trimming Pictures

You can crop a graphic to cut off areas that you don’t want to show. By moving the boundaries of a graphic outward, you can also add white space around a graphic.

1- Select the picture you want to crop. The Picture toolbar will be displayed,   if it is not, display it through the command (View      Toolbars  Pictures):

2- On the Picture toolbar, click the Crop button    
3- Position the cropping tool over a sizing handle and drag.
  Wrapping Text Around a Picture
1- Select the picture you want to wrap text around.
2- On the Format menu, click Picture. The Format Picture dialog box will appear.

 3-Click the Layout tab.
4- Under Wrapping style, click the wrapping option you want. 
5-For more text-wrapping options, click Advanced, and then click the Text Wrapping tab. The Advanced Layout dialog box will appear:

 6-Click the text-wrapping style you want. 
7- Under Distance from text, specify the distance between the text box or graphic and the text that surrounds it

 To apply more formats on the Clip Arts and pictures:
1- Double click the picture you want to format. This will open a Format Picture dialog box.
OR right-click on the picture and select format picture.
2- Click on the Colors and Lines, Size, Position, Picture, Text Box, or Web tab. 
3- Make the changes you want and click OK.

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