Archive Microsoft Excel 

  Basics Excel XP


1- What is Microsoft Excel 

2-Starting Microsoft Excel XP

3-The Main Microsoft Excel XP Window 

12-Entering the Same Data into Several Cells at Once
13-Editing Worksheet Data Excel ,Moving , Copying , Inserting Columns
14 -Finding and Replacing and Adding Comments Text or Numbers 
15-Formatting and Customizing Data Excel Xp
16-Formatting Numbers Using the Formatting Toolbar, Excel 
17-Manipulating Data&Formatting Columns and Rows, Excel 
18-Changing Column , Row and Color Width to Fit Data in Excel sheet
19-Adding Remove and Editing Borders Excel 
20-Formulas Entering and Calculatione Operators Excel
21-Editing Moving Replacing Troubleshooting and Copying Formulas 
22-» Common Entering Nesting and Example for Functions 
23-Using Named Cells Creating Deleting and Ranges in Formulas 
24-►Creating and Modify Chart in Microsoft Excel 
25-Chart Toolbar, Selecting, Changing, Adding, Removing , Moving , Resizing , Deleting Data 
26-Formatting Charts,Plot,Axis, Legend, Gridlines,Data Series Area
27-Graphics Excel / Drawing Objects Line Arrow Rectangle Oval Text Box Adding WordArt Text
28-Changing Fill Line Color Line Style Dash Style Arrow Style Shadow Style And Adding 3-D Style Resizing Objects Moving Objects Excel 
29-Using AutoShapes Clip Arts and Pictures Cropping or Trimming Pictures Wrapping Text Around a Picture
30-Grouping and Ungrouping Layering Rotating and Flipping Objects
31-Printing Headers and Footers Setting Page Breaks Setting Paper Size and Orientation Showing and Hiding Gridlines Print Preview 

 Advanced Excel XP

32-CUSTOMIZING VIEW OPTIONS/ Customizing the Excel Window Display Customizing the Comments View Options Customizing the Objects View Options Customizing the Worksheet View Options
33-hoosing and Displaying a Toolbar Customizing Toolbar Options Adding Commands to a Toolbar creating a Custom Toolbar
34-Adding a Menu to a Toolbar and Deleting a Custom Toolbar and Resetting a Menu and Resetting a Toolbar
36-TEMPLATES AND STYLES WORKING WITH TEMPLATES Creating a Template Applying Templates WORKING WITH STYLES Creating a Style Applying a Style Editing a Style Deleting a Style Copying Styles from another Workbook 
37-IMPORTING DATA IMPORTING DATA TO EXCEL IMPORTING TEXT FILES Importing Text Files into Excel Importing Text using the Text Import Wizard
38- COLLABORATIONAND CONSOLIDATION  SHARING WORKBOOKS  Allowing Workbook Sharing  Customizing Workbook Sharing Options   Comparing and Merging Shared Workbooks
39-SENDING WORKBOOKS Sending Workbooks for Review Sending a Worksheet as Attachment Routing a Workbook Routing a Workbook to the Next Recipient

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