Finding and Replacing and Adding Comments Text or Numbers

Finding Text or Numbers  
 1-  On theEdit menu, click Find. The Find and Replace dialog box appears. Click the Optins button to display more Find options.
2-  In the Find what box, enter the text or numbers you want to search for. You can enhance your search as per the displayed options: Within, Match case, …
3-  Click Find Next.

                                     4-  To stop your search, press Close.

Replacing Text or Numbers
1- Select the range of cells you want to search. If you want to search the entire worksheet, click any cell in the worksheet
2-  On the Edit menu, click Replace. The Find and Replace dialog box appears .Click the Options button to display more Replace options.

 3-In the Find what box, enter the text or numbers you want to search for or choose a    recent search from the Find what drop down box.  
Note: You can use wildcard characters in your search criteria. 
4- If you want to specify a format for your search, click      Format and make your  selections in the Find Format dialog box.
If Format is not available in the Find and Replace dialog box, click Options and then click Format.
5- Click Options to further define your search. For example, you can search for all of the cells that contain the same kind of data, such as formulas. 
In the Within box, you can select Sheet or Workbook to search a worksheet or an entire workbook. 
6- In the Replace with box, enter the replacement characters and specific formats if
If you want to delete the characters in the Find what box, leave the Replace with            box blank. 
7- Click Find Next. 
8- To replace the highlighted occurrence or all occurrences of the found characters, click Replace or Replace All. 
9- To cancel a search in progress, press ESC. 

Adding Comments
You can attach notes to cells by using   comments. You can view each comment when you rest the pointer over the cell. To add a comment to a cell, go by the following procedure:
1-  Click the cell to which you want to
2- On the Insert menu, click Comment
3--  In the box, type the comment text.
4-  When you finish typing the text, click outside the comment box.

Editing Comments
1-  Click the cell with the comment you want to edit.
2-  On the Insert menu, click Edit Comment.
Clearing Comments
1-  Select the cell from which you want to clear comments.
2-  On the Edit menu, point to Clear, and then click Comments.
Checking the Spelling
In addition to the traditional spell-checking features, Excel got new enhancements that add to your efficiency, the most important of which, is asking Excel to automatically check spelling as you type.
1- After you are done typing your data, click the Spelling button       on the Standard
OR form the main menu, select   Tools        Spelling.  If errors are  found, the
following Spelling dialog box appears.

2-For each word that is displayed in the Not in Dictionary box, select one of the following options (if available): 


ccept the current selection in the Suggestions box, or edit the text in the box and then click Change. When the selected error is a repeated word, this button changes to Delete so you can

Change all instances of the word in the Not in dictionary to theword in the Suggestions box, or edit the text in the box and  then    click Change All. Excel changes all instances of the error

Change All
Adds the highlighted word in the Not in dictionary box to the custom dictionary. You will not be prompted to correct this word in the future
Add to Dictionary        
Leaves the highlighted error unchanged and finds the next misspelling                                                         
 error.This button changes to Resume if you click in the document to       
     edit the worksheet. Click Resume to continue checking the spelling.

Ignore Once               
Leaves all instances of the highlighted error unchanged throughout the document and continue to check the worksheet Excel will ignore this spelling error throughout the rest of the current Excel session.  

Ignore All                    

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