Entering Data& Text & Numbers&Symbols

 As mentioned earlier, each worksheet is comprised of tabular girded cells. Acell is the basic unit in the worksheet that can hold data, and is the result of a column intersecting a row. One cell in the worksheet is always the active cell. To activate a cell, just click it. The reference of the active cell is displayed in the Name Box of the Formula bar. 

 To enter data in the worksheet:

1- Click the cell where you want to enter data.

2- Type your data.

3- Press ENTER or TAB or select a different cell.

  Data Types
Text is any combination of numbers, spaces, and nonnumeric characters, for example, Microsoft Excel treats the each of the following entries as text despite the fact that it contains numbers:
10AA109, 127AXY, 12-976, 208 4675
By default, all text is left aligned in a cell. You will learn later how to change text lignment and other formatting features.


Numbers that you type in a cell are constant values. A number  can contain only the following characters:

0   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  +  -  (  )  ,  /  $  %  .  E e

All numbers are right aligned in a cell. You will learn later how to change numberalignment.

                                        3- Dates and Times
You can type any correct date in Microsoft Excel. Use a slash or a hyphen to separate the parts of a date; for example, type 13/3/1974 or March-74.

To enter today's date, press CTRL+; (semicolon). To enter the current time, press CTRL+SHIFT+: (colon). You can type a date and time in the same cell, to do this, separate

the date and time with a space.

By default, dates and times are right aligned   in a cell. If Microsoft Excel cannot recognize the date or time format, the date or time is entered as text, which is left aligned in the cell. 

                                                 4- Symbols and Special Characters

You can insert special characters, international characters, and symbols by using the Symbol command on the Insert menu.
1-  Click where you want to insert the symbol.
2-  On the Insert menu, click Symbol, and then click the Symbols tab. The following screen appears: 


 3-Double-click the symbol or character you want to insert.


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